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News: The restart has taken place. Fixed a few things:
1. Slightly redone top. Now everything will look nicer and neater.
2. Slightly reduced the round prize and made two round rewards. The first reward will be for points as always and the second reward will be for the most collected EXP while fighting on the map (here for those who want to get up their warrior and don't want any battles, and because of this top, no one will see. Only at the end of the round).
3. Raised several prices in purchases.
4. Fixed payments with the purchase of crowns and gold.

Publication date: June 2, 2023 23:21
Evaluations: * 3 * 0
News: 1. Troop reinforcements no longer stack with your existing troops. They will now be counted separately from the kills of your existing troops.
VIP members will now be able to hide/show boost reports.
4. Made so you can see how much energy you have used in total.
5. Limit the use of almost all diamonds to 5 diamonds per day or per village. City founding diamond is limited to 10 times per day. The coordinate change diamond will be removed after restart and its functionality will be changed.
6. Before starting a village, the map will now ask if you really want to start a village. Because there were problems with how you fight on the map. After defeating the enemy and walking back, you pressed yourself to establish a village, a village was created.
7. Topic history has been created, by clicking on change topic you will see what topics were written before.
8. Bebus can now only send 5 counts in one attack.
9. Fixed a bug where 0 0 coordinates would not attack.

Publication date: May 21, 2023 01:08
Evaluations: * 6 * 0
News: 1. Fixed bug with capitals. For example, during an attack, someone would change the capital and attack it with the counts, but the city would still be taken over. Now it won't be like that anymore.
2. Now, when you use a protection diamond or buy protection for crowns, it will show a panel at the top near the energy and clock and the time you will have the protection.
3. Added spaces between numbers in some places where it was missing.

Publication date: May 9, 2023 21:11
Evaluations: * 8 * 0
News: 1. Reports will now show attacks in two different colors. Red will be how you attack the player yourself, and green is for being attacked. This will make it easier to distinguish what is what.
2. From now on, if you leave or get kicked out of an alliance, you will be blacklisted for 7 days and will not be able to join the same alliance. It will be possible to join other alliances without problems.

Publication date: May 3, 2023 21:53
Evaluations: * 5 * 4
News: So here are some updates:
1. From now on report types will have different colors to make it much easier to tell them apart.
2. New reports will now be highlighted.
3. Reports will also be displayed in bold and with color in alliances.
1. From now on, the last three heroes you get will be auto-picked automatically, so you don't have to put ticks anymore, and they are prepared according to their timed acquisition.
1. Added spaces between numbers almost everywhere (why do I say almost? Because I might have missed something and if you notice it please let me know. Thanks).
2. The resource display at the top has been changed to no longer show all long numbers, from now on it will only show abbreviations.

Publication date: April 30, 2023 14:36
Evaluations: * 5 * 0
News: Reworked topic change system. Now it will show one of the last three messages in random order. Every time you will refresh page topic might change.
Publication date: March 26, 2023 14:43
Evaluations: * 2 * 1
News: In some places added number formatting. In upper section of game now crowns, gold coins and other numbers will be shown with spaces in between and in barracks numbers will be shown with comma.
Publication date: March 26, 2023 13:24
Evaluations: * 2 * 0
News: Added more enemies in the map.
Publication date: March 26, 2023 11:27
Evaluations: * 3 * 0
News: Fixed issue with map and now emoji is supported from phone.
Publication date: March 25, 2023 14:01
Evaluations: * 4 * 0
News: Created for the crowns, a new pack that is valid for 72 hours!
Publication date: June 29, 2022 16:42
Evaluations: * 1 * 2