These rules apply to all servers.
If you think, that you have been blocked by mistake please contact the administrator of this game
1. Users:
1.1. Every player can have only one account per server.
1.2. Only the owner of account can have acces to it. If another player logs in to account that does not belong to him, he will be punished.
1.3. Selling, buying, trading your account is strictly forbiden. For this violation of rules, both players are blocked for a lifetime. Exceptions: partnership (if two or more players use one account without having other accounts on this server) or if the player who gives up the account contacts to the administrator and agrees on the deletion of the old account.
2. Reporting a bug:
2.1. Bug is a game`s error which can create an opportunity for players to cheat.Therefore, you have to report them to administrator. You cannot use those bugs. If you become a victim of one of those mistakes, you have to cantact with game`s administrator. If you lose any resources, units or other things because of a bug. you will not get them back. If account gets damaged because of a bug, it won`t be possible to revert it back to it`s original state.
3. Content:
3.1. Insulting, swearing and using any other means of disturbing other players are prohibited. Threatening is allowed only when it is associated with game and don`t have any connections with other platforms and real life. Political, racict, pornographic or any other inappropriate expressions are not allowed.
3.2. Selling in-game resources, units, actions or user registrations for real life currencies are also strictly forbiden.
3.3. Any form of advertisement is prohibited.
3.4. Game`s administration has a right to change these rules at any time.
4. Purchases:
4.1. It is forbidden to cancel or refund money spent in the game.
4.2. It is forbidden to ask the administration to refund you money that you have spent in previous rounds
Complains or requests about other players can only be solved with direct account`s owner.