The main game part is Settlements. Every settlement has it`s own unique place on map. Also, every one of those settlements has it`s name and owner. Both of them can be changed.
All kinds of buildings are built in settlements. Some are used for resources, some for researching and creating units and so on. By expanding your settlement, you increase it`s points and get more conquer points. That is why it gets stronger and harder to capture.
There are three Resource types and villagers. Both are equally important in game. Resources are consumable, while villagers are associated with concrete objects (buildings, units and so on...).
Those three resource types are necessary for almost every action. They are constantly gathered from specific buildings. You can also buy, sell or trade them for crowns. The maximum amount of resources that can be held at a settlement depends on warehouse`s level.
* Clay is gathered in * clay quarry
* Wood can be gathered in * sawmill
* Ore can be gathered in * ore mine
Villagers are one of the most usefull things in this game. Every settlement has it`s own maximum number of villagers depending on the level of mill , Every object has it`s requirement for free villagers, so once that object is built or trained, those free villagers are counted as busy. Villagers who are not yet used are called free villagers. If an action requires more free villagers than you have, that action will not start.
If you lose any units or buildings, you will get as much free villagers as you used for buildings or units. If a unit leaves your settlement, it still counts as a busy villager.
Every settlement has it`s own amount of points, which symbolises progress of that settlement. That amount also determines the amount of maximum Conquer points. And they symbolise your influence in that settlement.
Conquer points:
Conquer points range between 0 and and your settlement`s points. Because your village can attain a maximum of 10000 points, so do the conquer points. If your conquer points are lower than your settlement`s points, each hour you gain a certain amount of them until both of them are equal. The default value is 50%. Conquer points can be reduced with counts. If a settlement gets its conquer points reduced to 0, then it becomes the attacker`s settlement.
Creating a new settlement:
First of all, you need a certain amount of EDERON advancement points. Second of all, you need to find an abandoned valley in map and press on "Create a new settlement" . If you have enough EDERON advancement points, a new settlement will be immediately created without any other conditions or costs.
EDERON advancement points grow by 4 points per hour. After conquering a settlement its conquer points are restore to 30%.