Build list:
Player starts by selecting his direction of settlement. Then according to your selection, a new settlement will be created. By pressing 'Castle' from menu, player can decide which buildings to build. Some buildings and their combinations can unlock even more buildings.
Resources and villagers are very important, because resources and villagers are used for building. Also, villagers can be trained into your own warriors. There are three types of resources (Clay, Wood and Ore), which are gathered from buildings. You get more free villagers by upgrading mill.
Resources can be traded at market. They can be directly traded between players.
After first expansion phase, player gets to build barracks. This building lets you to research and train your first units. They don`t have maintenance cost, but their number is limited by amount of free villagers. Once you accomplish specific requirements, you will be able to research and train even better units.
If a player survives developement phase, he can start battling with other players and conquering their settlements. To do so, you need to train a count, which is a special type unit, with particular requirements.